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Yes! You Should Try Linux

Linux is a standard operating system that is based on the Linux kernel. The Linux OS was launched in the year 1991 by a software engineer named Linus Torvalds. The Linux OS is one of the best-operating systems, and it is one of the most used in this modern world. The Linux OS provides its clients the best features and resources.

Read on to know all the features and benefits of the Linux operating system.

Very high level of security

The Linux OS is a great system that protects and prevents your software from trojans and viruses. The Linux OS has a very high level of security and prevents viruses and Trojans from entering your system.

The Linux OS is open-sourced software and therefore has a very high level of security. Besides, the source code of Linux is readily available, and many developers around the world are trying to get the code of the Linux OS.

Easy maintenance

The Linux OS is very easy to maintain. Moreover, you can easily update and install the software on your computer. The updating of the Linux OS is also very simple; you can do it with just a few clicks.

Unlike the Windows OS, you won’t need to update specific applications like Firefox and Acrobat reader individually. In Linux OS, updating the central software will ensure updates of all specific applications on your computer.

Very high stability

The Linux OS is very much stable and runs very smoothly with a very low level of lagging. The Linux OS runs perfectly smoothly with the pace even after using it for years. However, in the case of the Windows operating system, it is quite different.

After every update of your Linux OS, you will not need to reboot your system. This is the reason almost all the web servers in the world opt for the Linux OS.


The source code of the Linux OS is entirely open source and freely available. The open-source Linux OS has helped many developing and developed countries in many ways.

In addition, many countries have built their own system and upgraded their defense and communication systems in a more advanced way.

Linux can run on any hardware

The Linux OS can run any kind of hardware. This makes the Linux OS the most efficient operating system. Linux can be installed and customized by the users according to their requirements.

The Linux OS is capable of running any type of device. It can even run the super computers and smart watches.

Easy to use

Even after the enormous amounts of benefits, you must be thinking that this type of system is made only for pros and hackers. However, this operating system is extremely easy to use.

The graphical design of the Linux OS is designed for anyone. Even if you don’t know any commands, you can easily use this software.

Linux is entirely free

The Linux OS is entirely free, and no extra charge is required for installing this software.

Moreover, the Linux OS provides users with all types of benefits like video editing, audio editing, photo editing, publishing, and business deals. Everything is available for free.


Education is the most important aspect for students in this world. The Linux OS provides students all the study materials and helps the students to learn the code of the software and operating systems. This helps the students in developing new software and bringing up innovative ideas.

Even though the students are not programmers, they can help Linux by taking care of translations, testing, and documentation.