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The Glucosio Core Team is the leadership team of the Glucosio Project overseeing areas of the project and working alongside contributors.

Glucosio Core Team

Benjamin Kerensa
Benjamin KerensaProject Leader & Founder
Benjamin lives in Portland, OR USA. He is a developer and is Glucosio’s project leader and founder.
Paolo Rotolo
Paolo RotoloAndroid Development Lead
Paolo lives in Bari, Italy. He is Android developer and leads Glucosio’s Android design.
Elio Qoshi
Elio QoshiCreative Lead
Elio lives in Tirana, Albania. He is a designer and helps lead Glucosio’s creative and branding.
Satyajit Sahoo
Satyajit SahooUX Lead
Satyajit lives in Bangalore, India. He is UX designer and leads Glucosio’s UX design.
Mirko Pizii
Mirko PiziiWeb Developer & Web QA Lead
Mirko lives in Teramo, Italy. He leads Glucosio’s Web Development and helps with Web QA.
Ahmar Siddiqui
Ahmar SiddiquiDeveloper & Database Specialist
Ahmar lives in Allahabad, India. He is a developer and leads Glucosio’s database design.
Christopher Pecoraro
Christopher PecoraroDeveloper
Christopher lives In Palermo, Italy and works on our Android releases.

Core Team Alumni

Philippe Loctaux
Priyanka Nag
Arturo Martinez
Stefan Angelov