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Glucosio Project Governance

The Glucosio Project Governance uses a system of governance that is intended to be easy to understand and appropriate for the scale of contribution we hope to reach. We want to be able as a project to attract a diverse set of contributors and be a inclusive project and in order to achieve this, our governance structure may be adjusted from time to time to reflect these goals.


Project Leader

The Glucosio Project leader acts as the spokesperson and official representative of the project and helps build relationships with companies, communities and other open source projects. The Project Leader also helps define the vision of the Glucosio Project in consultation with the Core Team and is a de-facto member of the Core Team. The Project Leader has ultimate decision-making power at the top project level. Some open source projects refer to this role as a Benevolent Dictator for Life (BDL).


Core Team

The Glucosio Core Team is comprised of core contributors who lead various technical and non-technical areas of the project and appointment to one of those leadership roles which makes one a member of the Core Team is based on appointment by the Project Leader. Leaders are selected based on their leadership abilities and their expertise in the area of the project they lead.


Project Contributors

Project Contributors are vital to the success of the Glucosio Project. These contributors may be casual or dedicated regular contributors who contribute in both technical and non-technical areas to help us move our goals and product forward. The Core Team will also accept feedback from our Project Contributors when it comes to technical and non-technical decision-making. Project Contributors is where our Project Leader recruits new Core Team members from.