Glucosio is an open source project. That means the project belongs to our community of volunteers and that participation is not only encouraged but the heartbeat of our project! Do you want to get a certain enhancement in Glucosio? Did you find a bug? Do you want to help translate, promote or document Glucosio?

Become part of the Glucosio Community and help us help people with diabetes around the globe and further diabetes research!

How to participate:

Improve Glucosio

Talk to us Slack and on our mailing lists! We look forward to your code and thoughts.

Answer questions about Glucosio use and development

Help answer questions users and developers have about Glucosio!

Support Glucosio development with bounties or donation

Support Glucosio development by offering some money on features you would like to have! Check our bountysource page! You can also make a donation to help cover our operating costs!

Please be considerate of our code of conduct! We like to provide a positive and enjoyable environment for everybody.

Translate and document Glucosio

Translate Glucosio to your language. Go to Crowdin and get going!
Help us improve the Glucosio documentation! Find out how to make a difference in this contribution guide!

Help with Glucosio development

Help Glucosio development by fixing issues or coding new features. All of our code is open and available on GitHub. If you want to contribute, just clone one of our repos, make the changes and submit a new pull request. We would be happy to review your code and merge it with the main branch. You’ll have the opportunity to help potentially thousands of people with your code