Today the Glucosio core team is excited to announce the launch of the Glucosio Foundation. The Glucosio Foundation’s mission is to provide organizational, financial, legal and educational support to the Glucosio Community.

Glucosio Foundation is also responsible for holding intellectual property of the Glucosio Project and helping support the mission of the Glucosio Project by promoting and marketing the software collectively called Glucosio that is produced by the project.

Glucosio is emerging as a pioneer in the new frontier of making free and open source software to educate and support people with diabetes with the added goal of supporting diabetes research.

The founders of the Glucosio Project and Core Team enthusiastically support the creation of this foundation in order to promote long term support of our shared vision of using free and open source software to change the outcomes of millions of people with Diabetes.

The Glucosio Foundation will enable Glucosio’s growth internationally and allow us seek new opportunities with partners that would not otherwise be achievable without a foundation.

Glucosio is a non-profit corporation whose membership is composed of Glucosio core contributors and paid members. Organizations and individuals interested in contributing please contact the Glucosio Foundation.

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