Nightscout, Wearables and IoT, Oh My!We’d like to start off by thanking all of our users and project contributors, wishing you a happy new year, and we hope you all had a great holiday season. Today, we have a couple exciting announcements we want to share in addition to some forward looking plans we have for Glucosio.


We have been in talks with folks at the Nightscout Foundation for some months now and are very impressed by the work they are doing. Since part of our mission is moving forward innovation in diabetes technology through open source, we are having conversations on how we can contribute to Nightscout through technical contributions but also by collaborating on events and vision.

We are happy to announce that in the coming months, Glucosio for Android and Glucosio for iOS (sometime after it is launched) will have an integrated uploader so that users of Glucosio can connect with the same devices they would be able to, using xDrip receiver and upload that data to a Nightscout Cloud instance.

This doesn’t mean we are replacing xDrip. It does mean we will be building a receiver and uploader into Glucosio modeled off of xDrip which means users of xDrip who like the design and vision we have for Glucosio, can move to Glucosio and send their data not only to the cloud, but also see it directly in the Glucosio app. We believe this will be a win win for Nightscout users as it will give them a first class experience in the Glucosio diabetes app and allow them to continue to send their data to Nightscout.


We are also very excited today to announce that Glucosio for Android 0.9.1, which is going out today, has Android Wear support built-in which means you can now enter your Glucose readings on the go using an Android Wear device.

We do plan to have support for Apple Watch as our Glucosio for iOS app is released after a few release cycles. Another thing we are looking forward to in the future is support for Pebble and other wearables and we look forward to starting conversations with those wearable vendors soon.

Internet of Things (IoT)

This one is a forward looking feature we plan to add in 2016, but do not yet have a timeframe for. Basically, we plan to add support to Glucosio that allows users to connect Glucosio to the Internet of Things (IoT) and some of the immediate devices we have in mind are hardware like Phillips Hue. Imagine getting a reminder via Phillips Hue when it’s time to take your medication or check your blood sugar! But also integrating with services like IFTTT and others will help us have a solid integration into the IoT ecosystem this year.

We are very excited about the potential of keep tracking of one’s health and diabetes using IoT for reminders and more.

In closing, we had a great start in 2015 and are looking forward to new innovation in diabetes technology in 2016 and we really are going to push the needle and do some amazing things while pushing other organizations and individual developers to do great things with software around diabetes.