Glucosio’s first release for Android codenamed “Noce” is nearing readiness for a public reveal but in order to reach the initial audience, we still need some final help completing translation of Glucosio for Android to some specific languages we are targeting for our launch.

Specifically, we need help finishing Punjabi, Swahili (Tanzania), Bulgarian, Romanian, Bengali, Turkish, Burmese, Slovenian, Thai, Tagalog, Czech, Slovak, Hindi, Lao, Italian, Hawaiian, Swahili (Kenya), Avestan, German, Ukrainian, Finnish, Malayam, Indonesian, Arabic, Nepali, Vietnamese, Japanese, Croatian, Persian, Syriac, Hebrew, and Danish.

If you are fluent in these languages or know someone who is, please ask them to visit but also be sure to share this post on Social Media and help us reach people who can help us with these languages!