Screenshot_20150917-223758We just did our first release of the Glucosio App for Android. We have come up with the codename Noce (Walnut in Italian) while the public version will be 0.8.0. Progress is coming along on Noce but we did have to bump our release by a couple weeks so we can continue to bake even more enhancements to the Glucosio App than we had originally planned for.
When 0.9.0 drops, the Glucosio App for Android should contain the following basic features:

  • Input Glucose
  • Standard Categories and Custom Categories for Glucose Time of Day
  • Graphs in Overview
  • History of Inputs
  • Tips
  • Settings
  • Over 15+ languages supported (Translate your language here!)
  • Material design
  • Support for Android M and backwards compatibility

While this release will be us setting up the foundation for the Glucosio App and future iterations, know that we do have many upcoming features planned and will be releasing a comprehensive roadmap in the coming weeks which we will blog about at that time.
If you are interested in testing the Daily Glucosio App (For testing only / not production), you can visit our Daily Glucosio page and if you have feedback or find bugs join us in the Glucosio Discussion Community.
Stay tuned for more updates on the Glucosio App’s development progress and know our team is working hard to make an amazing user centered free and open source diabetes management and research app for you!